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About Hope Angel

I am a local Pacific Northwest artist who specializes in ready to hang, acrylic on canvas paintings. My diverse and varied work ranges from seascapes and landscapes to abstract flowers and bridges to seasons and people, and much more. Often I surprise myself with the finished product. Painting in my cozy, eclectic art studio in Seattle, WA since 2017, I enjoy adding unique perspectives to my designs to make each piece truly memorable. I love to explore the disappearing element of empathy through ironically colorful expressions. Let's start a discussion - email me anytime.

Meet the Team

We love adding color to your life

Emalise Mitchell

Chief Crayon Evangelist

The Pacific Northwest is a palette waiting to be painted, and Hope Angel Fine Art is a source of fun, inspiration, and glitter. With a 64 color box of crayons with the sharpener and periwinkle at my disposal, I prefer living life in color. Look closely - fireflies abound. Reach out to me anytime!

Tannan Luzzo

Director of Astonishment

Free fallin'. Runnin' down a dream. California dreaming. Hope Angel Fine Art expresses all things mysterious and outside the box. You'll find me there, breaking the rules and relaying a sense of wonder and excitement.

Kira Yoshinaga

Executive Organizer of Random Thoughts

As a brand warrior and artistic ninja at Hope Angel Fine Art, I am quite often the voice of reason and thinker of deep thoughts. My social media prowess allows me to be a master organizer of random thoughts and sometimes the maestro of mayhem. When I not time traveling, I'm fulfilling dreams or answering some of the universe's hardest questions. Go ahead; ask me anything!

Nick Burd

Ringleader of Creative Operations

Picture it: On-demand genius and awe-inspiring feats. Sounds amazing? I think so, too, and as the czar of creativity and director of brainstorming operations at Hope Angel Fine Art, I bring all that and more to the table. If you want to communicate with the warlord of ingenuity, I'm your guy.

Logan Luzzo

Ambassador of Buzz

My passion for solving puzzles and creating spreadsheets makes me somewhat of a digital dynamo and giant pattern developer. After a foray into the professional world of beverage distribution in college, I became quite the culture samurai. I embrace the design process here at Hope Angel Fine Art by supplying healthy baked goods and ensuring the reply-all function on incoming emails is alive and well.


Chief Barking Officer

As the Chief Barking Officer for Hope Angel Fine Art, I provide many ideas and starting points for the paintings. I love long walks on the beach at sunset and directing other dogs in the park. You might say I am the wizard of light bulb moments. Share your ideas with me.


Head Unicorn Wrangler

That's right. I'm the Head Unicorn Wrangler. Don't joke. It's real. I provide synergistic creativity for the team at Hope Angel Fine Art with my gift of  unlimited energy. In fact, it's been said that I am an idea magician, a Jedi and mastermind of mischief. Got thoughts? Let me know!


Adventure Management Coordinator

Look at me: Why wouldn't I be the wonder delivery agent and adventure management coordinator at Hope Angel Fine Art? In my spare time, I foster my love of treats and all-things physical. Oh, and I'm likely to become visibly excited if I hear the following words: Cheez-Its, Walk, Beer Pong, Mommy, French Roast and Dinner. Basically, I'm the oracle of inspiration.


Master of Distraction and Surprise

Are you kidding me? Being named the Master of Distraction and Surprise was truly my dream job. Go ahead; toss me an idea (or a ball) and see what I bring back. Could be a shoe. Could be someone's lunch. Whatever it is, you can be sure wherever I go, I fill the room with laughter and amazement.